Love, Beauty, and Alchemy

Victoria Rosenfield

Artist & Blogger


About Me

“Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the mind and essential unreality of the multiverse... "

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Trip Morris

“If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like.”

Fuyuko Matsui

“Standing still at dusk Listen . . . in far distances The song of froglings!” Japanese Haiku This would be

Joseph Flores

“Around a year and a half ago, I couldn’t sleep. I was having these feelings to start painting. I would

Nadia Satya

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks

Stephen Voyles

“Blistering sun coming again. Agent of pain. Ambassador of the sick. Watch the world burn. Watch the world churn. Hatred

Rachna Rajen

“My work is mostly abstract drawing and painting, primarily in watercolor, pencil, and ink, and can be split into two

Chris Mars

“From my hands, my mission: To free the oppressed; to champion the persecuted, and the submissive; to liberate through revelation

Karol Bak

I’ve said that I will try to write about artists that are underestimated and underground but I do agree that

Rebecca Yanovskaya

Rebecca Yanovskaya’s artworks are just drop dead gorgeous and this statement should be enough for this article because the images

Martin La Spina

Martin La Spina is that type of artist that gives everything and his art is filled with his spirit.Maybe this

Ania Tomicka

There are plenty of artists out there that paint grotesque scenes but when it comes to Ania Tomicka there is

Yoann Lossel

If you think about pure spirit translated into art and Old Masters reincarnated into our crazy,modern times then what you

Josip Csoor

I’ve found Josip Csoor purely by mistake while surfing the internet and I was amazed by his style. I wanted

Leonid Afremov

“Evening trolley on the square” There is only one person in our modern age times that can make the colours

Jennifer Woods

“Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth: Four-legged,


I am in love with the painting I just got from Victoria. She is such a great artist. I am so happy with my purchase!
Anna M.
Working with Victoria was an immense pleasure and I will come back to her when I have other photos of my family I would like…
Mark B.